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Devokan Storybuilders

Ruby, Paislee, Dot, Danko and Ghaelen discuss ideas at a Devokan Storybuilders Gathering

Many individuals and groups have been inspired by the Myst/Uru series of games from Cyan Worlds. This site celebrates some of the creations of one such group – the Devokan storybuilders.

Site structure

The History category includes compilations of ‘in-character’ journal entries written by different individuals reacting to contemporaneous events. These extended posts tell the story of key happenings in the evolution of the Devokan project.

Journal posts are single, dated ‘in-character’ entries. They may or may not be part of a wider story arc.

The Background category comprises information about the different places mentioned in History and Journal post – including how to visit them, where appropriate and possible. It also holds records of ‘out-of-character’ discussions, where storybuilders collaborated on story and build development.